Even More Observations…

More things learned at ALA:

  • Disneyland may be the Happiest Place on Earth, but Anaheim? Not so happy.
  • Even celebrities visit Disneyland, or at least the restaurants in Downtown Disney.
  • Stephen Abram is the quantum particle of librarianship, seeming to pop up in every location I visited. By the end of the conference I was half-expecting him to walk out of a stall in the women’s restroom (sorry Stephen, but you were that ubiquitous).
  • I am very afraid of the Baker & Taylor cats, unlike this fearless soul. Despite my fear, I was shamed into a photo op with these furries of PR.
  • An author humorously berated me for not knowing who he was (“I’m your public defender!”), even though we live in the same town. I promised to make it up to him by having speak at my institution. For gratis, of course.

What I’m Listening To Dept: KRS-One’s Sound of da Police. I thought of it every time I walked down South Harbor Boulevard….

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