Driving Ms. Schneider

Our ever-so-winsome Karen Schneider has not only heeded my plea, she’s foolishly decided to support my efforts to degrade myself for Katrina donations. If I make $400 in proceeds, Karen says she’ll do something equally embarrassing, though it sounds like she hasn’t quite made up her mind on what that something will be. So let’s press the issue and put Karen on the spot.

Does the Moose Need Interlibrary Loan Too? My friend and co-worker Judy Andrews points out that Red Lodge, Montana is looking for a library director whose service ethic goes beyond the bipedal.

Deja Vu All Over Again Dept: After watching the premiere of Lost last night, I figure I’ll give it two more episodes before I decide whether or not to turn it off before someone says “The truth is out there“. Fifteen if Sawyer winds up being the main plot line….