Damned Canned Spam

Looking at my site stats you’d think I’d be happy: for the past month I’ve been getting tons of hits, with one day hitting (no pun intended) the record of 6800+ hits. Seems like I’m awfully popular, no?

Well, I am popular–popular with blog spammers, that is. What is blog spam? If you’ve ever seen vague (or for most of the porn spam, not-so-vague) postings with weird links on my site, that’s blog spam. Overkill is their byword: they don’t post one or two messages, they post multiple spams to almost all my blog entries. It’s boring too: most of the stuff is porn, cialis, poker and mortgage brokers (???). I have a program that rejects designated spam messages, but the problem is, there’s virtually new messages every hour. My site literally rejects hundreds of spam messages a day.

So why are spammers doing this? They’re doing this to get higher Google rankings: the more times a spam URL shows up across the web, the higher their ranking. I didn’t realize the impact of this until I looked at the search terms used to find my site: the top thirty searches are porn-related. I have to admit, this (among other things) has dampened my enthusiasm for blogging.

I’ll keep doing this, but I’m not sure for how long; at this point, I spend a great deal of time keeping my Blacklist file up to date.

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  1. Anna
    Anna November 10, 2004 at 9:54 am | | Reply

    I use MT-Blacklist in combination with CloseComments, and it seems to be an effective combination.


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