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Don’t get mad at me, get mad at my husband–he’s the one who came up with the title. In fact, he went on an hour-long riff on the word “blog“, during which I took scrupulous notes before he passed out. The upside to this is now I have at least two months worth of horrible, horrible blog titles. Consider yourself forewarned….

Okay; this has been on my mind ever since I got the e-mail containing a bit of jarring news: someone has started a blog using the phrase “lipsticklibrarian” in the URL. It’s been six years since I uploaded The Lipstick Librarian! and by now I should be a little more thick-skinned about people appropriating the LL! name for their own uses, but considering how much work I put into the damn site, it’s a little exasperating to see people ever-so-cavalierly run away with it. There’s a reviewer on Amazon who uses it, not to mention the endless websites with people proclaiming themselves as THE Lipstick Librarian.

I know, I know: imitation is the sincerest form of flatterly, but frankly I’m getting a little tired of being flattered these days. (Cue the violins and crocodile tears….) At least the aforementioned blogger acknowledges me and the source in one of her entries….

Jury Duty: The county finally caught up to me and I began jury duty today. There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending eight hours in a devolved, plastic version of an Eames chair and having no choice but to listen to a poorly-made-up Shakira clone whining because she has to put her cell-phone on vibrate if she’s called to a trial. But I do have a dirty little secret: I love it! It’s as if I’m being force to sit and read for the entire day–I actually get to fufill a long-cherished aspect of the stereotype. The next thing you’ll know, I’ll be organizing the ancient magazines and Yahtzee games with the missing dice for them in the waiting room.

Next Time:

  • The librarian drug of choice

  • My all-too-real life….

What I’m Listening to: Gay Bar by Electric Six. It’s uncanny how my musical tastes eerily matches the top hits of the UK. I live in fear of the day when a Cliff Richards song makes an appearance on these pages….

Handy-Dandy Lib Tip of the Day: This one comes courtesy of Elizabeth Sietsma of Australia, who has managed to find a use for those pesky AOL CDs:

I find that using the back of a Cd-Rom for a mirror to apply my lipstick or check my makeup is very helpful when I am in a rush.

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  1. Sulkbrarian
    Sulkbrarian August 4, 2003 at 10:54 pm | | Reply

    This is shameful and outrageous! I hope you don’t hafta go on “To Tell the Truth” to maintain your identity…will the real LL please stand up?? Sheesh, people…:(

  2. Biblia, the Warrior Librarian
    Biblia, the Warrior Librarian August 6, 2003 at 2:31 pm | | Reply

    Hey Linda,

    there was a sudden outbreak of WarriorLibrarianship last year (other people claiming to be the Warrior Librarian) … which strangely fizzled out after the Pretender page was launched. In fact, many of those people seemed to have removed the WL pages.

    Librarians have Intellectual Property Rights too! And we know how to use them …

    Hugs and Kisses (not),
    Biblia, THE Warrior Librarian

  3. absherl
    absherl August 6, 2003 at 9:08 pm | | Reply

    So what’s the Pretender page? –Linda

  4. Sulkbrarian
    Sulkbrarian August 7, 2003 at 1:44 pm | | Reply

    I too wish to be kissed (not) by Biblia.
    It will remain forever a fantasy…:(

    There is but one Biblia, people!! Hear me!!

    I don’t see anyone runnin’ to become the next Sulkbrarian. Should I be miffed? 😀

  5. Original Cyn
    Original Cyn August 8, 2003 at 7:17 pm | | Reply

    I have to agree–it IS an infringement, in spirit if not in fact. Perhaps worst of all, it’s INCREDIBLY uncool.

    You’ve been on the web longer than most, and have been interviewed several times that I’m aware of, so you KNOW these imitators are aware they’re not being original. Bad karma on them!!

  6. Sulkbrarian
    Sulkbrarian August 8, 2003 at 9:49 pm | | Reply

    as a newbie blogger/hopeful eventual really nifty site host, i’m personally suddenly very aware of what i say and how i say it and site colors and fonts and things…even stories and stuff i link to. never wish to be seen in any way as a copycat or something, even though my sense of humor is similar to many of my favorite bloggers/hosts. if anybody ever sees anything hinky on my wee little page, it will be purely unintentional!!! 🙂

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