The Results Are In…

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Even More Observations…

More things learned at ALA:

  • Disneyland may be the Happiest Place on Earth, but Anaheim? Not so happy.
  • Even celebrities visit Disneyland, or at least the restaurants in Downtown Disney.
  • Stephen Abram is the quantum particle of librarianship, seeming to pop up in every location I visited. By the end of the conference I was half-expecting him to walk out of a stall in the women’s restroom (sorry Stephen, but you were that ubiquitous).
  • I am very afraid of
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Gay People Saved My Life–The Fabulousity

The true epiphany? It came at 16 in of all places, the flower shop at Travis Air Force Base. My mother, the manager of the shop, asked me to work for her on weekends. (Actually, my mother asked me to work the same way the Europeans asked West Africans to work in the colonies, but that’s a future blog posting.) Along with Mom, the store was staffed with floral designers, two men trucked up from San FranciscoRead the rest

Nancy Pearl Gets the Last Word

For all the kvetching we’ve done (me included, never-you-mind) about the librarian action figure and the librarian stereotype, Nancy Pearl finally gets the last word courtesy of Sunday’s Stone Soup comic strip. What’s nice is that Jan Eliot gets the true nature of librarianship right, focusing on censorship and information access, rather than checking out books or looking dour.

What I’m Watching:

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