Tips from Devotees

I Lied….

…about writing about my real life, at least for this particular entry. I would, but it’s too darn hot. It’s Underwire-bra sweaty hot. Forget exercising in an air-conditioned gym hot. Even though I spent my teens and twenties in the Sacramento Valley, I’m no longer used to asphalt-stickin’, rash-rasing heat anymore. No one’s even trying to assuage their misery with a half-hearted “At least it’s a dry heat“.… Read the rest

The Beastmaster Doing Shakespeare?

Okay; I have this story I tell ad naseum about myself as an ever-so-tender pubescent in 1975: for three bucks, my high school would not only let me out for the day, but actually bussed me to San Francisco to see plays at the American Conservatory Theatre. I went religiously because at the time all I wanted out of life was to run away to San Francisco (that and marry Boz Scaggs, but I’ll talk about that later). … Read the rest

Should I Hate You?

Apparently a disgruntled (and anonymous) librarian posted on his or her reasons why they hate you (“you” being the public). The best one is patrons who turn your monitor around while you’re working on a questions so’s they can see what you’re doing–very nasty!

Though the list is trè bitter, I have to admit, on some level, I actually live for such behavior, if for nothing else, after you’ve calmed down, they make great war stories. I mean, how … Read the rest

A Librarian with Action Figures

Remember I said I knew a librarian who collected GI Joe “action figures”? Well, I have visual proof: Reza, a librarian at an unnamed state university library in Sacramento, California, has been photographed with just some of his 60 (yes; that’s 6-0) GI Joe “figures”. Not only is he posing with them, he’s actually posed them in reclining positions, as indicated by the red circles. The boy’s got to get a new hobby–maybe coming out with … Read the rest

It Didn’t Happen

Well, my head didn’t swell to the size of the Goodyear Blimp due to the bee sting; all I got was a small itchy rash and a limp that lasted for a few hours, just long enough for me to milk it for all it’s worth before my husband caught on (he saw me sneak a dash to the bathroom). He did, however forgive me enough to fetch me a Silhouette ice cream sandwich while I was laying on … Read the rest