Cage Fighting vs. Taxonomy Mapping: Which Will Win?

Flying tomorrow to SLA in Denver, then winging off to Kansas City to join my husband at the National Council on Problem Gambling Conference (and no, it’s not a conference for problem gamblers). Rumor has it SLA will be sharing Denver’s lovely conference facilities with bodybuilders, which means I continue my streak of bizarro-universe conference attending. Dare I hope that one of us winds up accidentally winning the Ms. Darque Tan Model Search?

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Monday LibraryLand Roundup

Blockbuster We Ain’t Dept: I do think there’s much more going with the librarians at Sacramento Public Library than just being angry about the purchase of thirty copies of Jackass 2. I get the feeling there’s been a lot of resentment about several issues that have been simmering for some time. I would love to hear from folks at SPL for their side(s).

I’ve confessed to using some odd items for bookmarks but this is ridiculous.

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