Kureru This!

From one of my favorite blogs, Hanzi Smatter: a librarian with a tattoo that’s inadvertently signaling a willingness to give more than just reference help.

Video Clip du Jour Dept: As always, Mr. Spock speaks Truth. Word.… Read the rest

A Two ‘Fer

Not satisfied with the all those web sites helping you recommend young adult books to the bored teen who insists on leaving her iPod earbuds in when asking questions? Why not give Radar Magazine a try?

Is it wrong of me to love this movie trailer so much? (Hint: The R-rated version is much funnier….)… Read the rest

Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays

Just want to wish everyone out there good tidings and a Happy New Year. If you’re jonesing for an LL fix, feel free to visit the ghost of LL Christmases past and paster.

What I’m Listening To: Christmas Island by Leon Redbone.

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I left my heart in SF and I all got was dissed

I realize we’re working in the occupational equivalent of a nunnery but we’ve got to be hotter than a concrete column at the Powell St. Muni station:

(photo courtesy of Brian Yaklich and Paul Harris)

Meanwhile, one Metro stop away…the San Francisco Public Library is looking for personal pixs of everyday gay life. Here’s your chance to show the world gay folks have lives in between pride parades and film festivals.… Read the rest

Not About Liberians

If someone from Venezuela says you remind them of an ass, don’t be too offended. lists librarians as one of the ten steps towards better research. We rank before “carry an idea book” and after “use a system”.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for an alleged pedophilic priest? A librarian in Maltese, Florida has, by the Los Angeles Times and, no less.

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