Crime and Collection Development – Epilogue

Klamath Falls, Oregon. August 1994. A small town with big dreams. Well–actually a small town with a smallish academic institution and a big-ass lake. We’re in town looking for a for an apartment where rentals were in short supply. After being endlessly warned about the housing situation throughout the interview, I called a few numbers listed in the classifieds. I got a place on the first day. Why?… Read the rest

Crime and Collection Development

The website reports that the Phenix City (no, that is not a misspelling) librarian was fired and arrested Tuesday on charges for first-degree theft from the library fund. This brings up one of my favorite topics: librarians and crime.… Read the rest

You Damn Dirty Flight Attendant!

Joe Schallan has posted on PUBLIB a very funny review of The Day After Tomorrow. (Apparently the movie features NYPL librarians doing heroic stuff, though in my opinion, any librarian who works with the public is automatically granted hero status.) The best part of Joe’s review is his mini-recap of seventies disaster movies and why watching national landmarks blowed up real good is just so satisfying. But Joe neglects to mention the one film that I consider the apex … Read the rest

A Wrinkle in Madeleine – The Conclusion

So what about the New Yorker article was so distressing? It portrayed L’Engle in a way I desperately didn’t want her to be: human. Raised by parents who were more concerned about each other rather than their children, Madeleine grew up to be a less-than-giving adult, using the experiences of people around her (especially her children) as fodder for her work, hurting them immensely. To top it off, the article states she sugar-coated her life, preferring to downplay the less-than-pleasant … Read the rest

A Wrinkle in Madeleine

While flipping through the latest issue of the New Yorker for the latest cartoons, I was stunned to see a profile on Madeleine L’Engle.

Madeleine L’Engle. Just like a lot of you, she saved my life. She’s also one of the biggest reasons I became a librarian. But after reading the article, I was stunned for a different reason: I wished I’d never read the damn thing.… Read the rest