Why We Watch

Just returned from a screening of Days of Heaven at a local theatre–not bad for a 28-year old film. Though advertised as a brand-spankin’ new print, I was disappointed: both the film and sound were scratchy, not to mention dark and out of focus (the film, not the sound). Didn’t matter though; I was as enraptured with it as I was the first time I saw it in Sacramento, California. It was exactly as I remembered it: dreamlike … Read the rest

I ♥ Libraries

A few Valentine’s Day observations:

Leah Garchik of lists some Valentine’s Day missives from the post-millennium world.

This year’s new words for Necco’s Sweethearts® candies include a conjunction and a stop word. Think they’re wising up to the lucrative Boolean searching market?

Blake Carver at reports Michael Gorman will be retiring next year. Despite the latest controversy, I’ll not only miss the dapper figure he cut at ALA, I’ll also miss the fact he’s … Read the rest

Ringle, The Sequel!

The Thankyoumas continues:

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Ringle, Ringle!

It’s that time of the year: hot chocolate, fanciful Christmas carols and the endless barrage of e-mails promising me free shipping until Christmas 2035. It’s also a time for reflection, particularly while watching the twentieth hour of Ice Storm 2005. I thought about all the things I was thankful for, though at the time I was mostly thankful my electricity stayed on, allowing me to watch footage of cars sliding across three lanes of highway for the rest … Read the rest

What is the Sound of a Laughing Librarian?

Despite my patently glamourous lifestyle, I’m certain it’s a shock to everyone out there to learn that I harbor a few regrets in my life. Sure, you folks think being a Lipstick Librarian is all Michael Kors at Fall Fashion Week and federated searching, but after the second glass of freebie wine at a Dynix reception, dark thoughts cross my mind, thoughts such as… Read the rest