The Rage & Ire of the Lipstick Librarian

Okay; it’s cranky-pants time. And it’s about something that’s been bugging me for quite some time: the use or (more accurately) the misuse of my material.

Now it’s one thing to use the “Lipstick Librarian” moniker in one’s personal site–do a search using the phrase in Myspace and you’ll see what I mean. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to that. Heck; I even find it somewhat flattering.

But when someone decides to entitle their blog by using a very … Read the rest

Is That the World’s Smallest Violin I Hear?

A friend of mine recently expressed his admiration for a fellow student in his Latin class: “She’s got the nerd-chic look”.

Great. When I was sportin’ it not too many years ago, it was known by a different name: dork. And it wasn’t one that attracted a whole lot of favorable male attention, or any attention at all. Now it’s a de rigueur look of Hipster Nation.

Why do I bring this up? Because it’s the perfect illustration … Read the rest

An Open Letter

To All My Friends and Colleagues:

I love you guys. You know I do. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We’ve even toyed with the idea of high-fivin’ each other whenever we see the little Christmas light bulb light up over a patron’s head after we’ve explained for the umpteenth time Allure does not count as a credible academic resource (though unbeatable when recommending a fabby concealer).

But please, for the love of all things bibliographic, do not send me another … Read the rest

I Don’t Think We Can Handle It–The Last Chorus

So how will mashups be the death knell for copyright? I guess I should clarify by saying it’s either copyright or fair use that will be a thing of the past. Either the Powers That Be will give up and give into the tidal wave that is the Internet (highly unlikely for now) or become even more draconian and push for legislation so punitive it virtually wipes out the fair use exception. Either way, the concept of … Read the rest

Freaky Keyword Fiesta–The Resurrection

It’s back! Like death, taxes and speculation over the existence of Suri Cruise, one can never escape…Freaky Keyword Fiesta!

The Granny Suite–Collect Them All! A perennial favorite, though by me pointing this out yet again, I am driving these pesky little search phrases even higher on the list. That being said, there is a certain irresistible panache to the phrase “saucy grannies”, as anyone who attends Weight Watchers meetings on a regular basis will tell you.

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