Of Kitties, Pies and Handsome Boys

Does this happen to you two minutes before the end of your evening shift at the ref desk?

Think I’m the only librarian who’s lost a few pounds? Check out librarychick’s amazing progress.

Hey–if the Web 2.0 thing doesn’t get them beyond the security gates, maybe this will.

Am I the only librarian out in the internet ether tired of seeing the word “scrotum”?

What I’m Listening To: “The World’s Gone Mad” By Handsome Boy Modeling Read the rest

It’s All About the Commas

Think your love life is complicated?

A very happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in LibraryLand!… Read the rest

Book Hate

Now that the holidays are over, time to get back on track:

Question #3: What do you hate about books?

I have a surprisingly serious answer for what started out as a flippant question:

I hate the idea of the book as an icon, good or bad.

You know what I mean. The book is a symbol of education and class, more so than money since money can only give the appearance of acculturation. This should be a good thing … Read the rest

There’s No Such Thing as a Quick Question

After being sick for almost a month, I finally broke down and visited my doctor. The diagnosis? Acute Fergieliciousness. The treatment? Listening to Decemberists and Cat Power until the urge to wear my girl scout sashes as a halter top fades away. But until then, it’s best I continue the answers from my previous post:… Read the rest

If You Were a Annotated Bibliography….

My friend Jerry recently blogged about a questionnaire posed to the UIUC library school faculty, sort of a get-to-know-us-as-just-plain-folks kind of thing, rather than a we-can-dash-your-career-dreams-in-a-wink scenario that so many of us fear, particularly after wrestling with C Programming for two straight semesters…. But I digress.

Jerry’s responses are very entertaining, but it made me think: why hasn’t someone come up with questions we’ve been dying to ask of our colleagues? The ones that reveal hella more about us … Read the rest