The Truth About Sex and Librarians

Everyone wants to have sex with a librarian.

Or it seems like everyone wants to flirt, date, sleep with, or just plain hit on librarians, even other librarians, apparently. Why the sudden interest in our profession as a potential booty call farm team? Maybe it’s due to the fact that in the past few years, the stereotype has evolved an interesting wrinkle: the winsome lass with the ironically prim fashion sense and a brain–though truth be … Read the rest

A Profession No One Understands

So why aren’t people of color flocking to the profession? For the same reasons other folks aren’t: low pay and a general lack of knowledge about what we do. According to a white paper published by ACRL on this very topic, the biggest factor for minorities applying to library school is prior work experience in a library–in other words, direct exposure to the work. This shouldn’t be a surprise: for those of you in the bibliographic trenches, consider how many … Read the rest

To All My Facebook Friends and Fans….

Just posted this tonight on my Facebook page after getting one too many invites/tags/pokes (superpokes, no less). If you have a Facebook page, you might just relate.

(Note: some of these are true–can you guess which ones?)

10 Pointless Facts About Me

It’s finally happened–you’ve been tagged, probably from some Facebook friend who picked you because they didn’t want to piss off their real friends. Now you’re stuck with a task that’s more annoying than trying to shoo … Read the rest

Select “Other”

Yes, I support Barack Obama. I’m guessing that’s not exactly a shock to most of you out there.

It’s not because Barack is mixed-race, though I won’t deny it has tremendous appeal. Like many of you, I’m in agreement with his views, despite the fact the media has deemed I should be a Hilary fan. But there’s something else about him that appeals to me, something that, though hinted at in the endless discussions of race, hasn’t been brought … Read the rest

Does Barack Know?

It’s that time of the year: flowers, pink-tinged jewelry and badly-stamped Sweethearts®. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. And in honor, I bring you yesterday’s and today’s notes from the po-mo love undergound.

What I’m Listening To Dept: Slow Dancer by Boz Scaggs. When it comes to the McLovin’, I gotta go with a classic.… Read the rest