A Shout-Out to My Pepys

If you’ve been a semi-regular reader of this blog, you know I have a fondness (nay, my husband calls it an embarrassing weakness) for the hip-hop lingo. Words like cronkite or phat just say so much more than plain olde English. Why can’t we, as a profession, create our own groovy language? Sure, we have terms like “digital archives” or “YA services” or “competitive salary with great benefits”, but they’re just so boring. Why don’t we take a cue … Read the rest

Running Through My Head*

….some random thoughts:


  • Spoilers on cars are the automotive equivalent of the ankle bracelet.
  • Jacked-up trucks: let’s just say the bigger (and higher) the truck, the smaller and squeakier the guy. If they keep it up, them boys are gonna have to start wearin’ big, white, four-fingered gloves.
  • The more tattered American flags/stickers on a car, the more bone-headed stunts they will pull right in front of you.
  • The Chrysler PT Cruiser: the grandma car of the new
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You Sexy Thang

Gotta admit: there’s not a whole lot going on: right now I have a headache that’s in it’s fourth day, with no signs of dissipating. So what do I do? I go for my favorite time-killer: searching‘s personals for ads from those oh-so-lonelyhearts looking for a librarian to love. It’s amazing how the term “librarian” pops up with frightening regularity from those looking for someone who are as socially maladjusted as they are.

Why “socially maladjusted”? After carefully … Read the rest

The New Product Standard for Quiet

While I was looking at air-conditioners on the site (don’t ask), I was startled the see a series of air-conditioners branded as “library quiet” by Sharp USA. After doing some poking around on the web, I discover that not only does Sharp use the phrase to denote performance, they’ve also trademarked it. Who knew (except for corporate America, obviously) that the stereotype could be such a selling point? I mean, we’re used to seeing the stereotype … Read the rest

I Lied….

…about writing about my real life, at least for this particular entry. I would, but it’s too darn hot. It’s Underwire-bra sweaty hot. Forget exercising in an air-conditioned gym hot. Even though I spent my teens and twenties in the Sacramento Valley, I’m no longer used to asphalt-stickin’, rash-rasing heat anymore. No one’s even trying to assuage their misery with a half-hearted “At least it’s a dry heat“.… Read the rest