Blog Day Afternoon

Yeah–I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but it’s kinda hard when I’m going to bed at 9:00pm every night. That and the fact that I’m making the endless rounds of doctor, physical therapist and chiropractic appointments, it doesn’t leave me much time other than collapsing when I get home. I promise to make amends this weekend; in the meantime, please entertain yourselves by choosing one of the following and writing a response of no less than 500 words:… Read the rest

Guilty Pleasures of the Schadenfreude Kind (Librarian Edition)

Admit it: not all of us went into librarianship for solely altruistic reasons. While most of us have to fight the urge to pin a patron between a reference terminal and a chair to make sure you find that answer before they escape, a few of us do experience an ever-so-teensy pang of pleasure when something happens that proves that you are once again what we call in the business a smarty-pants:… Read the rest

They’re Dropping Like Flies!

Okay; now I’m getting weirded out by this dying-celebrity thing: Donald O’Connor and Gordon Jump?? It’s hard for me to think of Donald O’Connor as old, much less gone–anyone who can do those backflips in the “Make ‘Em Laugh” dance number from Singing in the Rain cannot be old–ever. As for Gordon Jump: I’ll always remember him for his infamous line: “as god as my witness I thought turkeys could fly” in the WKRP episode, “Turkeys Away“. … Read the rest

Addicted to Robert

*Sigh*–now another icon from my teenage years is gone: Robert Palmer. Actually, I’m probably slightly older than the average RP fan: I first heard him on the radio in 1975 on KSFM, one of those 70s progressive A & R radio stations alá San Francisco’s KSAN. I ran out, bought Pressure Drop on 8-track and plopped it into my yellow Panasonic plunger player (I swear to god I had one). I was in love. Next to Boz Read the rest

Jack Tripper & the Man in Black

I want to make a final shout-out to two of my favorite artists: Johnny Cash and John Ritter. My earliest memories of Johnny Cash is listening to A Boy Named Sue on Armed Forces Radio. For some reason it always seemed I heard that song around Christmas in Okinawa, which was enough of a schizophrenic experience in of itself (80° weather on Christmas Eve, skinny, vaguely Confucius-looking Santa dolls hanging in Japanese stores, not to mention having … Read the rest