What if God Were One of Us?

Well, it’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’m sicker than a jaded dog….I have no idea what that means, but because I am sick, I feel justified in venting my Grump ‘o the Day:

While coming in the middle of an episode of Joan of Arcadia a show I’ve grown to love despite its seemingly sappy concept), I watched as Joan (Amber Tamblyn) is talking to Sammy (Patrick Breen), an owner of a bookstore. I … Read the rest

The Sound That Dares Not Speak Its Name

My Dear, Dear Friends,

After several minutes of contemplation, I have decided to come out of the closet and confess to something so horrific, so deeply humiliating, something no woman (to my knowledge) has confessed to in public:

I snore.

It’s not one of those exhausted-little-boy-after-a-day-at-Disneyland snores, the one that makes parents go “awww” as they shut the door to his room. It’s not even one of those I’m-stupid-but-cute Jessica Simpson-type lowing. I have the Snore … Read the rest

Reading is Dope!

Yesterday I broke down and paid six bucks to see a matinee of Alien. The first time I saw this movie was during the height of my tanned-disco-goddess days (okay; I looked like a hooker, but hey–everyone looked like that in 1979) and the chest-bursting scene still freaks me out (maybe that’s why I never had children). What’s notably missing from the re-release is the tagline used in the original promo: “In space, no one can hear your … Read the rest

The Funniest Cartoon Strip You’ve Never Read

Today’s shout-out goes to Keith Knight, the brains behind my favorite weekly (even more so than Life in Hell) cartoon strip, The K Chronicles. Based in The City (aka, San Francisco), Keith could be considered the Samuel Pepys of Generation X (or Gen Y–pick whichever you prefer). Sir Keith talks about the big and little things that affect us all, from 9/11 to life’s little victories (a perennial theme of Keith’s). But Keith’s true genius is is … Read the rest

Salary Commensurate with Mind-Reading Abilities

Because of my pesky need to eat in 2004, I’ve been searching for librarian jobs off and on the last few months. Since my last position was as a corporate librarian, I forgot what’s involved when applying for academic or public librarian positions, namely answering those dreaded supplemental questions. Like death, taxes, and the latest on Bennifer, it’s impossible to apply for any sort of professional (and even semi-professional) librarian jobs without baring your soul on scintillating topics … Read the rest