Surgery for the Stereotype

While watching one of my umpteen guilty pleasures on television, Extreme Makeover last week, I did something stupid:

I watched next week’s previews. And guess who’s getting a makeover?… Read the rest

Semi-Interesting Librarian Factoids

Wendy Rosenow of Shawano, Wisconsin is a runner-up in the World Champion Liar Contest. Her entry? Wendy fibbed that everyone was so curious about when winter would arrive that even the geese were flying in question mark formations.

One of the first members of the Manson Family was Mary Brunner, a librarian at UC Berkeley (though I suspect she was a library assistant or clerk, judging from her bio).

Apparently the most common Myer-Briggs personality type in librarianship … Read the rest

Even More Christmastime in LibraryLand

As promised, here’s some additional tips to make the holidays at your library a
little more festive, or at the very least, notorious in your county/state/metro

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Christmastime in LibraryLand

I love Christmas. I really do. I love the trees, the decorations, the sights and the smells. I even love Fran Drescher channeling Snoop Dog in her efforts to hawk polar fleece for Old Navy. Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year, but doesn’t it seem that the Christmas spirit flags a bit at your workplace? The forced smile when someone chokes down the umpteenth Russian Tea cake with pink punch? … Read the rest

I Hate the Way I Sneeze

Well–I’m still sick. Mouth-breathing, sore-nose-blowing sick. And from what I hear from past victims, this cold should last another week. Let’s just say that other than watching the extended version of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Thanksgiving was a complete bust. The worst part is trying to get to sleep when your sinuses feel denser than lead, or that fruitcake you receive every Christmas, the one that manages to warp the gravitational field of … Read the rest