It’s a Librarian Thing…

Last week I attended the Oregon Chapter of the Special Libraries Association annual banquet. Since this is my last year as a SLA member (long story; nothing to do with the organization and everything to do with my expenses) I looked at the dinner as the end of a long goodbye. I’ve been in the profession long enough to know these events feature a well-respected speaker with a semi-upbeat topic, something along the lines of “yes we are facing challenges … Read the rest

Not About Liberians

If someone from Venezuela says you remind them of an ass, don’t be too offended. lists librarians as one of the ten steps towards better research. We rank before “carry an idea book” and after “use a system”.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for an alleged pedophilic priest? A librarian in Maltese, Florida has, by the Los Angeles Times and, no less.

Another Sign of The Apocalypse Dept: Can you spot a seminal actor … Read the rest

This Just In

Further evidence of our professional pop culture currency: USA Networks latest project is The Expert, about a librarian who helps police solve crimes via her ability to “mix her senses“.

I have no idea what that means, but if you do, feel free to fill me in.… Read the rest

Check It Out Now: Funk, Soul, Shushing

I said I’d write about why my husband is responsible for every bad thing that’s happened to me , but let’s face it: I lied.

Well, not lied, just deferring to my inevitable urge to weigh in on the New York Times/Hip Shusters article. My first comment? Everyone: STOP SENDING ME THE FREAKIN’ LINK!… Read the rest

Overdue Check on Librarian Clichés

In my never-ending quest to feed the yawning maw that is now my blog, I troll Google News for any librarian tidbits o’ interest. Unfortunately most of you out there who routinely blog beat me to the punch when it comes to news that features the L Word, which forces me into checking the latest celeb botox nightmare to console myself.… Read the rest