Spamming the New Year

• As a public service to my fans (all three of you) for the new year, I decided to toss out some handy tips by which you may chose to employ at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

• Being the cinematic equivalent of a hot librarian is something to be cherished. At least as much as free Wi-Fi.

• But if you’re the kind of hot librarian who has developed and … Read the rest

The Truth About Sex and Librarians

Everyone wants to have sex with a librarian.

Or it seems like everyone wants to flirt, date, sleep with, or just plain hit on librarians, even other librarians, apparently. Why the sudden interest in our profession as a potential booty call farm team? Maybe it’s due to the fact that in the past few years, the stereotype has evolved an interesting wrinkle: the winsome lass with the ironically prim fashion sense and a brain–though truth be … Read the rest

Hawaii State Public Library Needs Your Aloha

The Hawaii State Public Library System is facing a tough situation: with the latest operating budget voted down, the System is now attempting to meet a budget reduction of 20% ($3.58 million according to HSPLS; $6 million according to the Honolulu Advertiser. To meet the new restrictions, HSPLS has frozen over 70 vacant positions and contemplating furlough days. To meet the challenge, HSPLS and the Friends of the Library of Hawaii have launched campaigns to meet the monetary challenge: … Read the rest

Shushing Alert Courtesy of New Times Broward-Palm Beach

The New Times Broward-Palm Beach gets massive eye-rolling from the LL for its “The Juice
blog posting about librarians and layoffs. The snarkiness I don’t mind, but did they have to use a beyond-tired stereotype pix of a frazzled-hair, shushing librarian to emphasize the point?… Read the rest

A New Superhero at ComicCon?

Spotted by Defamer at ComicCon:

clipped from
  blog it

Caption states she’s a “real” librarian, but everyone knows a real librarian would tote back-up copies of the plush anime figure in the messenger bag, along with a fistful of freebie pens that will last for only one reference shift.… Read the rest