What’s the 245?? – The Denouement

Need more terms to be au courant with the insta-chat set? Try some of these:

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E-Reserve This!

“No-no words”? That’s what a recent PUBLIB poster was in search of. Though the she defined no-no words as words or terms that too slangy or informal to be understood by all, I think it would be a boon to the profession if we expanded the concept to include other words or terms, such as….… Read the rest

Sweatin’ to the Presentations!

Just as I promised, my take on the humidity hell that was ALA:

Presentations: I tried to go to as many as possible, but since they were spread out over several hotels plus the fact it was so freakin’ hot, I wound up limiting my choices to ones presented in the Convention Center (which, by the way, had tons of empty conference rooms throughout the entire conference). Woe betide those who had to travel from one hotel to another; … Read the rest

Phrase of the Millennium?

Due to popular demand, I’m introducing a new vision to the LL couture: the I’m a librarian, bitch! line of fabulous t-shirtwear (and kitchenware). Visit my store for the details. I also have some variations to the LL thing that I’m experimenting with, so please be gentle…

I’ll be makin’ more items as fast as I can. In the meantime, please to enjoy a conference presentation title I forgot to add to my last blog entry:

  • “Of course you’ll
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Last week was an early beginning to a season I love and dread: library conferences. Like death, taxes and Christina Aguirela’s latest body piercing, from now until September we librarians face the gauntlet of flat coffee, novel-sized Powerpoint handouts and ugly tussles over vendor freebies.… Read the rest