Wanna Come Up and Check Out My Special Collection?

Popbitch reports the shocking news that the British Library is entering the dating biz by offering a “Mingle” evening or singles who “like…to talk and wants to make friends.”

Uh-huh. Sounds rather innocent, doesn’t it?

But the BL tips its hand in the last paragraph: “Beautiful Minds….What better backdrop for people who are bold, bright, bored and single to meet their match?”

What next? Virtual reference sessions devoted to facilitating online booty calls? Library assistants serving appletinisRead the rest

Make Me Into Nancy Pearl

You heard me right: if I get $200 or more in proceeds from my store for September and October, not only will I donate the funds to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I will for Halloween don the blue suit and pearls that defines one of the hottest action figures on the market today: Nancy Pearl. Proof will be posted on my blog in November.

So–can’t decide between the LL infant creeper or the holiday Read the rest

Prove to Me You’re a True Lipstick Librarian

Since I first uploaded my site waaaay back in 1997, the second-most asked question I get is:

What is a lipstick librarian and can I be one?

(Okay; that’s two questions, but as librarians, we’re very practiced at squeezing as much as possible out of so little.)

As to the first part of the question, I’m tempted to say that if you have to ask, then I think you have your answer. But if you insist on becoming an insta-LL, … Read the rest

A Light in the Information Forest?

I’m finally back from SLA. After spending long, long days in committee meetings, inter-committee meetings, cross-unit meetings and just about every other kind of meeting any configuration of librarians can come up with, something occurred to me:

Where is the true library visionary?… Read the rest

Why You Should Fall to You Knees and Worship Blake Carver

Why, you ask? Because if there were no Blake Carver, we would only have American Libraries Online to turn to for our library news. You see, not only does Blake run my hosting service, LISHost, he’s also the paterfamilias for, a…… Read the rest