Le Diary LL

A Favor, Por Favor

I’ve made you laugh. I’ve made you cry. Mostly I’ve made you groan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your love by indulging me just this one time.

I’m looking for your comments about how the Lipstick Librarian web site or blog influenced you professionally or personally. Have you ever used the LL site/concept for training/recruitment purposes? Were you inspired to create your own web site, blog, or online resource because of the LL? Did you use … Read the rest

Gay People Saved My Life

As part of my duties as SLA’s Inclusion Caucus co-convener (and if you’re an SLA member, you should seriously consider joining the caucus), I attended the Gay Lesbian Issues Caucus business meeting during the annual conference in Baltimore. My goal was to publicize the caucus, introduce myself to the Gay Librarian (the featured speaker) and slink out; however, the lure of the open bar was too strong to resist (these folks do know how to celebrate) and … Read the rest

A Touch of Evil

My husband is an evil man.

Sure, he looks all serene in his counselorly Dockers and Clarks shoes, but trust me: the man lives for evilness.

Not a Hitler/Stalin/Dick Cheney evil, mind you. He embodies a subtler, far more insidious evil, an evil that can only come from living with me over the years. Sort of a grinchy evil–a spoiler. At least when it comes to me.

Need proof? I present the … Read the rest

Rationales ‘R Us

I’m back. Finally.

So why the long wait? Easy. The blog has turned into my own special little sisyphean nightmare. Or to paraphrase the Gay Librarian at the SLA GLIC Caucus meeting in Baltimore last week, after someone asked him why he didn’t post more often: they’re not just blog entries, they’re little essays.

And for those of us who spend most our working hours reciting what peer-reviewed academic articles are to that great undergraduate ocean (with the occasional graduate … Read the rest

You Don’t Look Japanese/Swedish/Chinese/Polish/Indonesian/Irish!

Ten years ago I created a now-defunct website called You Don’t Look Japanese!. (Actually it’s still up; if you want to look at it, you’re going to have to find it yourself.) Dedicated to all things biracial and mixed-race, one of the people who got in touch with me was Kip Fullbeck, a hapa performance artist. Now Kip’s come out with a new book: Part Asian • 100% Hapa, featuring 116 portraits of hapa folks, who … Read the rest