Le Diary LL

October is the Cruelest Month

I’ve been a very busy librarian for the past month. Fall term began; I attended my high school reunion and for all my rabid fans out there (all three of you), I went to the Joint Conference for Librarians of Color in Dallas last week. So let’s discuss them one at a time, shall we?… Read the rest

Le Lipstick Librarian Mystérieux

I and my partners in crime had a presentation proposal to ACRL accepted recently. “Congratulations!” the e-mail read. I was thrilled until I came across one of their requirements.

A picture.… Read the rest

Don’t Cha!–The Final Refrain

The Day and Night tête-à-tête continues:

  • 5:38pm: Just got off the phone with Leslie. She gushed over my idea of opening restylane and juice spas as revenue generators. She wants to place them next to the chick lit section; I caution her against being too enthusiastic. We don’t want headlines screaming about librarians injecting yo-la-mango smoothies into unwitting patrons’ frown lines….
  • 7:30pm: Jessica dropped by fuming. I was just about to console her over the awkward juxtaposition of
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Don’t Cha Wish U Were The LL?

She’s back! After an extended hiatus at Betty Ford, Promises, Hazelden and a particularly revealing three-day OCLC workshop, the LL is back with another installment of A Day in the Life of the Lipstick Librarian:

  • 9:00am: Mel calls in the middle of my hot-stone massage and book-repair seminar seeking advice on how to handle his latest PR disaster. I remind him of the fact this sort of behavior has been seen from him before, most notably his two-hour
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Freaky Keyword Fiesta–The *Corrected* Resurrection

The go-to place when you’re fresh out of bon mots:

  • slutty sayings
  • freaky sayings

Unexpected variations of a familiar theme: “lipstick is my crack”

The plain ol’ unexplainable:

  • dormitory hijinks
  • cupcakes
  • dirty flight attendant
  • how to look Japanese
  • 320 pound woman hoax
  • citizens united for a decent internet
  • collection development blog
  • cubicle makeovers

And finally: “funny blog”

What I’m Listening To: Crazy As She Goes The Gnarls Barkley/Raconteurs mashup by The Legion of Doom. I have … Read the rest