Le Diary LL

And Away We Went

I’ll admit it: I was out last week. Orlando, in fact. Why in the name of all that’s Disney was I in the middle of Florida other than it’s American’s Vacation Wonderland™ and home to every freakin’ chain restaurant that ever incorporated in the Western World? Visiting family, of course.

It was a good visit, not just because I managed to sit through Shrek’s 4-D Adventure Ride four times in one day. It was good because I resisted … Read the rest

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Not Me

I started reading bits when Mom was asleep or when other family members were around to help. I went from reading a few pages to staying up until 3:00 or 4:00 every morning, grudgingly setting it aside when I realized I needed to be up in a few hours to meet the hospice nurse.

What was it about Mrs. Dalloway that was so riveting? Was it my being caught in a stream of moments, when the past, present and future … Read the rest

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Slogging through my alternate-universe questionnaire, let’s move on to question #4, shall we?

What is the book (or books) you keep trying to finish but haven’t done so far?

The more accurate question for me would be “what books have you finished?” It seems I read a heck of a lot more as a civilian than I do now. Could it be that deep down, I find reading to be yet another indication that I have a innate fondness … Read the rest

What Not to Eat

I alluded to it last summer, but I’m making it public: I’ve lost a few pounds. And this time it’s been…interesting.

I say “this time” since this is not the first time I’ve lost weight. In fact, this makes the fourth time in my life I’ve lost a significant amount of body fat, but this time I’ve noticed something unusual:… Read the rest

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Hard to believe, I know.

Like the last bubble light to percolate on last year’s Christmas tree, it took some time for me to catch on to this little tagging exercise. So without further ado:

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