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Another One Bites the Dust

I had every intention of blogging during my SLA Conference tenure, but the nightly offerings of free house wine and lukewarm canapés were too seductive to resist, so I’ll recap as well relive lessons learned:… Read the rest

Cage Fighting vs. Taxonomy Mapping: Which Will Win?

Flying tomorrow to SLA in Denver, then winging off to Kansas City to join my husband at the National Council on Problem Gambling Conference (and no, it’s not a conference for problem gamblers). Rumor has it SLA will be sharing Denver’s lovely conference facilities with bodybuilders, which means I continue my streak of bizarro-universe conference attending. Dare I hope that one of us winds up accidentally winning the Ms. Darque Tan Model Search?

In the interim, … Read the rest

What About My Friends?

I’m not exactly sure when I joined Facebook. I do recall signing up some time ago then pretty much forgetting about it. Other than checking out any group in which I had a vague interest and realizing I am waaaay older than the average member, there wasn’t much point in using Facebook, other than to post comments like “Yeah; (your interest here) ROCKS!” ad nauseam.

Then Ning came along. Like Facebook, I have no freakin’ memory of … Read the rest

Where’s the Tartar Sauce?

I’ve been back from the ACRL conference in Baltimore for neigh on a week now, and wouldn’t you know it? I have some thoughts to share:

  • Judging from the list of official ACRL bloggers, I’d say the bloggers-to-attendee ratio was pretty much 1-to-1. Okay; that was snarky, but could it be I’m jealous that the executive committee didn’t come crawling, conference t-shirts clutched between their teeth, begging me to blog? Naah….
  • This was a first–I’ve never attended a conference
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Where’s Crackers?

I’m back on the road again, this time to Baltimore for ACRL. But before I leave, a few items to review and discuss amongst yourselves:

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