Le Diary LL

Closet Librarians?

While watching watching the umpteenth rerun of my favorite 70’s sitcom Barney Miller (I still harbor a crush on one of the characters, but that’s up to you to figure out), I realized that the character Arthur Dietrich is a closet librarian. So what’s a closet librarian? It’s the character and/or celebrity who displays librarian-like tendencies despite their best efforts to hide them; in fact they usually make no efforts to hide them whatsoever. This means that in the land … Read the rest

I’m baaack…..

Well, I did manage to eat as much dim sum as humanly possible in San Francisco. In case you’re wondering, “humanly possible” costs $62. Of course, I didn’t eat all of it–my nearest and dearest friend Guy had a coke.

Things I learned in SF:

  • The dot-com/hipster nation contingent is almost all gone. Looks like Banana Republic is going to find another use for those chunky black turtlenecks and messenger bags.
  • Just about every store in Chinatown carries mah jong
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Feelin’ Mighty Real

I’m off to San Francisco to visit my oldest and dearest friend Guy. I plan to visit my old haunts (Castro, North Beach, et al) and eat as much dim sum as is humanly possible.

Today’s LL citations comes courtesy of Michael Dieter, Clinical Assistant Professor for the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences :

Kolodny, K. “Shelf List Or Shelf Life: Take It Or Leave It!” In
MARC-Coding Read the rest

Make Way for Robert McCloskey….

It saddens me to think that the author of one of my all-time favorite children’s books is now gone. Robert McCloskey, author of Make Way for Ducklings died Monday at age 88. One of my fondest memories is sitting in my elementary school library at Yokota Air Force Base, Japan reading Homer Price and marvelling over his spelling of the word “doughnut”. To this day, every time I drive past a Dunkin’ Donuts, I think of Robert … Read the rest

Mme. LL Jumps on a Yet Another New Trend

Yes, the LL has capitulated and decided to join the endless chatter that is the web. Now you can learn the dishy details that make up the LL’s life, such as

  • whether or not I’ll be sitting next to Brad Pitt at the Stella McCarthy’s fall fashion show
  • if I really did wrestle with Cameron Diaz over the last of the jumbo prawns at the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle premiere
  • was I really approached to be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign manager
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