Le Diary LL

Living with an Evil White Boy

It’s fall: the frost is on the pumpkin, an underage, overexposed celeb enters rehab, and my husband continues to exude evilness.

I try to be patient, to understand the fact this is a condition beyond his control. Looking at the DSM-IV, it appears that he meets four of the five criteria for being a buzz kill. But despite his so-called powerlessness in fighting this condition, there’s no disputing the fact that he’s evil.

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It’s All About the Lau Lau

I’m back from vacation, but before I resume my irregularly scheduled blogging, a few shout-outs to Hawaii, namely:

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I go to Hawaii and what happens?

I get listed as one of the top 25 librarian bloggers, which is really, really…scary, come to think of it. Considering how little I discuss library issues these days, the only thing I can surmise is that you people are desperate for entertainment, at least during your last hour at the reference desk.

But take heart: your boredom is my blogging panic. Herewith is my collection of information pu pus:”

  • Darth Libris is making sure we’ll all be
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SO Evilness Redux

Some of you long-time readers (i.e., those of you who are trying everything in your power not to answer those annoying IM reference questions flitting across your desktop) may wonder just how I learn about the hip-hop hits.

It’s easy: from my husband. Yes, my husband is still an evil man.

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Sex Tips from the Lib Front

Need sex advice from librarians? Visit this week’s sex advice column in Nerve. A caveat: some of the advice comes from me, which means I may not have been thinking of your best interest when I answered the questions….… Read the rest