Le Diary LL

Odds ‘n Blogs

Finally bought myself a G-ride last Saturday to replace the late, lamented Jetta: a 2003 silver Honda Civic. It was tough finding one with such an unusual color, but we managed to locate one. Now all I have to do is figure out how to trick it out tastefully so I can find it amongst the sea of all those other silver Honda Civics one finds in parking lots across America. Maybe I should tart it up ala … Read the rest

Jettisoning the Jetta

My 1990 VW Jetta (Wolfsberg edition) is no longer. No longer in my life, that is. After we had it towed to our usual garage (expensive, but very good), we decided that if the repair cost more than 150 bucks, we were going to give it up. Of course, true to its decaying nature, the car was going to cost us more than double our maximum limit. We decided to dump the sucker.… Read the rest

On A Clear Day….

Last night, in the midst in a vicodin-induced haze (I twisted my back–this has been some summer), I watched the appropriately-titled A Decade Under the Influence, a documentary about the influential films of the 1970s. While I watched Martin Scorsese and William Friedkin talk about who influenced them while they were growing up, I began to think about what films influenced me, for good or for ill. Actually, I think about this all the time, but heck–this is the … Read the rest

If you’re going to San Francisco….

Last night I watched a fabulous documentary: The Cockettes, the story about a group of straight, gay, black, white, whatever group of hippies in San Francisco who put together a life celebrating peace, love and sequins. They were more than just a drag troupe: they were souls dedicated in expressing who they truly were inside. Though they’re best known for wearing jumbles of feathers and beads, dressing up in women’s clothes wasn’t the point–it was the celebration of the … Read the rest

My So Called Real Life

Quite a few entries ago I promised to give the world a taste of what my real life was like. After much soul-searching and an entire roll of Nestlè Toll-House refrigerated cookie dough, I’ve decided to come clean, wipe the semi-sweet chocolate smear off my face, and show everyone just what kind of big pimpin’ life I lead:… Read the rest