Le Diary LL

25 Random Things About Me, or: Facebook is Ruining My Life

It’s official: Facebook is my new overlord.

After an avalanche of tags from FB friends infected with the “25 Random Things” meme, I finally succumbed and duly posted mine. I tried fending it off with the “Pointless Facts” entry, but the FB gods were not appeased, evidenced by the fact that every time I checked my e-mail account, there were at least ten tag notices for this little exercise.

So in the interest of laying this … Read the rest

What I’d Miss?

I missed it. I missed the Summer of the Librarian. I missed the whole Sarah Palin, library-look hottie and book-banning mamma thing. I even missed the librarian-as-serial-bank-robber brouhaha. So what’s a librarian to do? Build embarrassing Facebook pages for themselves and drive patrons insane with protestations that even celebs want to be librarians.

The World’s Oldest Meme Dept: Why did I go with “Reading is the New Black” as my meme? It’s simple: I want … Read the rest

Addicted to Puppets

Leaving for Anaheim at 7:15 am tomorrow morning; but before I go, a question to ponder while avoiding eye contact with a lonely vendor:

What is it with librarians and puppets? They’re more to us than just story time props, they’re our spirit guides to conference attending or, better yet, a passive-agressive way of letting your staff know that you actually have a social life.

See you in SoCal. If you’re wondering who I am, you may spot meRead the rest

Lipstick Librarian Agonistes

I started the year with a sneeze.

Several sneezes, actually. Then came the massive congestion and fatigue. Great–I’ve got the library cold. So how did I spend my first day sick? Here’s a peek….

8:30 am: Wake up with a mouth drier than Lindsay Lohan during a DUI court appearance. Realizing I’ve been snoring throughout the night, I ask my husband if it bothered him. Husband replies, using words like “unholy” and “Darth Vader”. I retaliate with loud mouth breathing … Read the rest

My Fifteen Minutes of Political Fame

Not sure why, but yesterday was an alignment of fame planets day (or for Repo Man aficionados out there, a plate of shrimp moment) for the LL: shout-outs in the DailyKos and Wonkette, albeit in comments.

What’s interesting is each example illustrates how Lipstick Librarianness is now shorthand for two views of women: DailyKos reflects the intelligent/hottie thingy view. Wonkette? Smart women who are not dumpy looking. Or dumpy looking no more. But what’s really depressing is that both … Read the rest