What Happens in Sessions Stays in Sessions

Panicking over the thought of ALA Annual being a week away and the only thing you’ve decided are the shoes that won’t melt in the 100º+ Vegas heat?  Interested in more than the vendor-party cheese cubes you will be shoving into your complimentary tote bags? You may be just the kind of librarian these programs are looking for:

“Red Yarn Wedding”: Programming for the Disturbingly-Obsessed Fantasy Reader
Looking for programming for that patron who stares at you with pleading eyes … Read the rest

What Not to Tumblr–

Well, I’m back.

After two years, why did I pick now to return?  Think of it as my public service announcement to the thousands of you who will be in 3-4 days jamming battered carry-ons in overhead compartments across the country for the greatest meet-up of the year:  ALA Annual.

What’s the service I’m so publicly announcing?  I’m here today to help you become the librarian you secretly long to be—a self-branding librarian. 

Yes; faster than a virus from a Read the rest

When Vendor Tote Bags Collide….

Observations of ALA 2010 or what I now like to call Death March with ProQuest Popsicles. Sadly I don’t have much to say other than the fact most of my time was sucked up by committee work and my struggles to locate Filene’s despite Yelp’s insistence it’s sitting in the middle of the National Mall reflecting pool.

Washington DC Itself:

  • There must be some ordinance mandating a minimum number of women carrying yoga mats per block. Sucking on a
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What Are We Doing With That Book Cart?

I know: I haven’t posted in a while and got distracted from the passion quilt meme. Maybe it was the whole Hillary-evil-Barack-good thing playing out on the evening news. Or the Sichuan earthquake and its impact on the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Or the logistics of smuggling in a pitcher of cosmopolitans into a Friday evening showing of Sex and the City (sugar-frosting the rims in the dark was a bitch, btw). Whatever the reason, I promise I’ll … Read the rest

Another One Bites the Dust

I had every intention of blogging during my SLA Conference tenure, but the nightly offerings of free house wine and lukewarm canapés were too seductive to resist, so I’ll recap as well relive lessons learned:… Read the rest