Blogging Blahs

Okay; I’m in the fourth week of my blogging ennui. I’m not sure if it’s the blog spam, the bone-crushing visit to Castro Street on Halloween, being adopted by a stray kitty (only to have to give it away), or the election itself.

So let’s vent, shall we?

Halloween on Castro Street: I’m relegating this to the Things That Were a Good Idea Twenty Years Ago Department. There was nary a drag queen in the bunch, alas. The only ones having a good time were the thousands of twentysomethings crushing me against barricades while trying to dial friends on their cell phones. Note to next year’s attendees: if you think no one else is going to dress up as the teen serial killer in Scream, think again. However, the iPod ads were a definite hoot.

Kitty: Oh, she’s cute alright. Cute and devious. This kitty had us under surveillance for weeks before she decided to make her move. After careful calculation, she parked herself on our back porch and waited until I appeared, whereupon she unleashed her WKD (figure it out!): the drop and roll. I melted. Until my allergies kicked in. Now she belongs to a co-worker, who I am convinced is dressing her up as Arwen every night, despite his protestations.

And as for Bush’s re-election: my only comment is this quote from the Daily Show, broadcast the day before the election:

Word of advice, if you want to have gay sex or visit a library it’s probably your last night to do that. Personally, I’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Why Some People Shouldn’t be Librarians: Leah Garchick of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on an art project in a SF bookshop in which all 20K books will be arranged by the color spectrum. Or am I too much the librarian in that I find myself involuntarily shuddering at the thought?

Hottest Couple of the Fall Television Season: James Spader and William Shatner in The Practice.

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