Blogger’s Block?

Okay; I had a feeling this was going to happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon–I have blogger’s block. Last night I logged in and sat staring at the unblinking screen for ten minutes, wondering just what the hell I was going to write about: the fat-free bologna I found at QFC? How about the Pilates instructor who tried to kill me? (Okay; she rolled her eyes when I tried to do a back roll, but if looks could kill….)

Face it; the life of an LL ain’t all hangin’ with J-Lo and Ben, or even Tawny Kittean and whatever boyfriend she hasn’t assualted yet. It’s work: it’s the constant surfing of fashion websites and the flipping through Allure and Lucky Magazine in hopes of finding the perfect slingbacks. It’s hours and hours of laying on the sofa, flipping through so many channels that you’re thumb is in the beginning stages of a repetitive stress injury, and trying to figure out just how many calories there are in 15 Hershey Almond Kisses.

It ain’t pretty, but someone’s got to forge this territory, and I’m just the gal to do it.

Librarian Action Figure Redux: Jack Albrecht, a reference librarian with the University of San Diego Copley Library has put forth a modest proposal regarding an alternative library action figure in PUBLIB:

“But, in all fairness, shouldn’t there be an anatomically correct Ken the Librarian doll as well??? Maybe he could be named Dewey or Cutter, or something tres sportif.”

To me, “anatomically correct” means the the doll’s wearing a spotty, yellow knit tie and a sweater vest.

Well, you won’t be hearing from me until Saturday by the earliest; it’s my B-Day and my husband is taking me–“somewhere”. If you don’t see a new posting by Sunday night, call the police.

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