The Results Are In…

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What I’d Miss?

I missed it. I missed the Summer of the Librarian. I missed the whole Sarah Palin, library-look hottie and book-banning mamma thing. I even missed the librarian-as-serial-bank-robber brouhaha. So what’s a librarian to do? Build embarrassing Facebook pages for themselves and drive patrons insane with protestations that even celebs want to be librarians.

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BWD: Blogging While Distracted

I’m back–kind of. Still some family things going on, but the more pressing item? Work, at least to the end of the month. In the interim, please enjoy the following tasty info tibits:

Think your 13-year old niece is the fastest texter in the West? Think again.

Sometimes the title “librarian” is bandied about a bit too freely.

If you’re going to try and get away with a crime, make sure there’s not a librarian around.

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Where’s the Lipstick Librarian?

Sorry for the lack of recent postings, but I had to deal with some family issues. I’m planning to post yet another scintillating insight into all things Library this weekend, but in the meantime please to enjoy the dancing Oobleck, courtesy of my fave blogger, Darth Libris:… Read the rest

Even More Observations…

More things learned at ALA:

  • Disneyland may be the Happiest Place on Earth, but Anaheim? Not so happy.
  • Even celebrities visit Disneyland, or at least the restaurants in Downtown Disney.
  • Stephen Abram is the quantum particle of librarianship, seeming to pop up in every location I visited. By the end of the conference I was half-expecting him to walk out of a stall in the women’s restroom (sorry Stephen, but you were that ubiquitous).
  • I am very afraid of
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