Don’t Call the Police

Well, it looks like I made it back in one piece: my husband did take me somewhere, The Heathman Hotel, as a matter of fact. We had dinner there (the lamb was excellent); they even put a little candle in my bread pudding…awww….

But it didn’t stop there: the next night he surprised me one more time by arranging a surprise birthday party for me at the Red Star Tavern (the lamb was excellent). It was enjoyable, even though … Read the rest

Blogger’s Block?

Okay; I had a feeling this was going to happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon–I have blogger’s block. Last night I logged in and sat staring at the unblinking screen for ten minutes, wondering just what the hell I was going to write about: the fat-free bologna I found at QFC? How about the Pilates instructor who tried to kill me? (Okay; she rolled her eyes when I tried to do a back roll, but … Read the rest

A Librarian with Action Figures

Remember I said I knew a librarian who collected GI Joe “action figures”? Well, I have visual proof: Reza, a librarian at an unnamed state university library in Sacramento, California, has been photographed with just some of his 60 (yes; that’s 6-0) GI Joe “figures”. Not only is he posing with them, he’s actually posed them in reclining positions, as indicated by the red circles. The boy’s got to get a new hobby–maybe coming out with … Read the rest

It Didn’t Happen

Well, my head didn’t swell to the size of the Goodyear Blimp due to the bee sting; all I got was a small itchy rash and a limp that lasted for a few hours, just long enough for me to milk it for all it’s worth before my husband caught on (he saw me sneak a dash to the bathroom). He did, however forgive me enough to fetch me a Silhouette ice cream sandwich while I was laying on … Read the rest

Injured in the Line of Duty

As I was just about to turn on the sprinkler this evening I was stung by a bee–the first bee sting since I was 10-years old, which was…er, let’s just say a few scant years ago. As I was waiting for the anaphilaxic shock to kick in, I began wondering: what makes libraries and librarians funny? (Actually, I was wondering how long it would take to rush me to Emergency before my head was the size of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Read the rest