The New Product Standard for Quiet

While I was looking at air-conditioners on the kmart.com site (don’t ask), I was startled the see a series of air-conditioners branded as “library quiet” by Sharp USA. After doing some poking around on the web, I discover that not only does Sharp use the phrase to denote performance, they’ve also trademarked it. Who knew (except for corporate America, obviously) that the stereotype could be such a selling point? I mean, we’re used to seeing the stereotype … Read the rest

I Want an Old Drug

We’ve seen it a thousand times: by day she’s the epitome of efficiency, finding resources with a flip of a page or a click of a mouse. She’s able to unjam a printer and give a Goodnight Moon puppet-show with her feet at the same time. She chairs ten committees and fifteen roundtables over the phone and manages to make a complete home-cooked meal, while all the time watching MacNeil-Lehrer. Yet when the first sniffle strikes, your local … Read the rest

Chitty Chitty Blog Blog

Don’t get mad at me, get mad at my husband–he’s the one who came up with the title. In fact, he went on an hour-long riff on the word “blog“, during which I took scrupulous notes before he passed out. The upside to this is now I have at least two months worth of horrible, horrible blog titles. Consider yourself forewarned….

Okay; this has been on my mind ever since I got the e-mail containing a bit … Read the rest

Won’t Get Fooled Again

A librarian friend of mine (as opposed to a regular friend) at Golden Gate University in San Francisco sent me the URL of a website entitled Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair 2001. Looking at it, I was shocked to see someone organized an event to reward kids for creating pseudo-science projects such as “Women Were Designed For Homemaking” and “Using Prayer To Microevolve Latent Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria”. I read the other linked pages and got madder and … Read the rest

I Lied….

…about writing about my real life, at least for this particular entry. I would, but it’s too darn hot. It’s Underwire-bra sweaty hot. Forget exercising in an air-conditioned gym hot. Even though I spent my teens and twenties in the Sacramento Valley, I’m no longer used to asphalt-stickin’, rash-rasing heat anymore. No one’s even trying to assuage their misery with a half-hearted “At least it’s a dry heat“.… Read the rest