Asking, Asking, Asking….

After a three-month hiatus, I’m back with…..The Alternative Universe Questionnaire! Not only is it back, it’s a double-header:

Question #5: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a book?

That’s easy: drop it the bathtub, something I do on a semi-regular basis. Along with magazines, newspapers, voting ballots, and the occasional knitting project (yes, I’ve actually tried knitting in the tub, which is why I have a preponderance of felted items).

You’d think I’d learn, wouldn’t you? But the siren song of hot water and Lush’s French Kiss Bath Bomb is far too alluring to resist, despite my husband’s sighs and much flapping of towels as he prepares for my next “accident”.

But it hasn’t been a total loss; I have learned a few things, namely

  • It’s much easier to live with the loss of a trade paperback than a hardcover book.
  • Taking a bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub is NOT a good idea.
  • Dropping a book while trying to take a bubble bath in a jacuzzi tub is even worse.
  • It’s really hard to knit with wet yarn.

Which brings me to…

Question #6: What’s the oddest place you’ve tried reading a book?

Other than the tub? Sure, I snuck in the classic childhood ploy of reading under the covers, but I’ve also tried reading

  • At a movie. Don’t ask why, other than to say it was worth it. My mother, however, did not agree with my assessment.
  • Over the bathroom sink while brushing my teeth, though I did bust my ACRL roommate this year for doing the same thing.
  • During a Sunday matinée of Les Misérables (that was worth it too).
  • The checkout line at Trader Joe’s. Note to all you single gals out there: this definitely attracts attention–whether you want it or not.
  • At a SF Giants game at Candlestick Park. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing a night game at Candlestick when the fog rolled in from the Bay, you’d understand why.

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  1. BetsyM
    BetsyM June 21, 2007 at 5:52 am | | Reply

    Pretty good! How about in a cemetery? I used to go there in college to get away from all the craziness on campus. Got some great reading & studying done there.

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