andy46477 Gives Good Feedback

Paul, an old friend of mine from my UC Davis days recently sent me a very interesting link: Ebay feedback comments left by someone with the ID andy46477. The best part is that he apparently gives it to sellers and buyers regardless of whether or not he’s done business with them. In fact, I’d hazard to say s/he leaves feedback for people they’ve never done business with. Here’s one of my favorites:

Nux VOMICA! I invoke you, BEAST! But I only do so because you are HONEST! “A++”

Actually I bring this up because it’s a good excuse to talk about Paul: I first met him way too many years ago, when he was seeing my closest friend, Guy. It didn’t work out but they’ve remained friends. Paul stands out in my mind in that when I first visited him at his apartment in Sacramento, he had a teeny-tiny picture stuck in his mirror frame. On closer inspection, I see it’s a picture of a woman in a what looked to be an adult knock-off of Little Red Riding Hood’s cape. On even closer inspection, I realize it’s Sandra Good. Who’s Sandra Good? She’s a member of a certain family that made the headlines in 1969: the Manson Family. The story is that during the late 70s, Paul realized that Squeaky and the gang were living in Sacramento. He checked the phone book and sure ’nuff, he found their phone number (don’t remember which member he looked up–Paul?), called them up and went over and visited–that’s how he got the pix. That incident pretty much screams Paul.

I lost touch with him over the years but rediscovered him when Guy casually mentioned the fact that he’s the OG of Current Periodicals at the UC San Diego Library.

Paul is also the holder of a deeply incriminating story about me involving a closet and a hamper in San Francisco. I love the boy, but if he ever tells anyone, I will have to kill him….well, maybe fly down and cry hysterically in front of him, but it will be pretty disturbing crying….

Bibliographic Citation of the Day: This cite comes from the slightly (and pleasantly, I might add) demented mind of Rowan Fairgrove, a librarian with Ricoh Innovations in lovely Silicon Valley. Judging from Rowan’s other web sites, I get the feeling she’ll be running into Paul at Burning Man this year:

Fairgrove, R. “Ethnic, Retro or Geek: Dressing for Patron Comfort”, Psychology of Special Libraries, San Francisco: Preppie Venusian Press, 1996, pp. 23-29

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