A Shushin’ Action Figure?

Yes; I’ve seen the librarian action figure in the news the past few days. I even think the little shushing action is cute, but does she have to come wearing that respectable (i.e., borrring) blue suit and those-ever-so-sensible shoes? How’s ’bout a neo-retro Pucci minidress and a pair of pop-art pink Dolce & Gabbana alligator pumps for a change? Or at the very least a vaguely domanatrix suit from Ann Taylor. The girl needs something that screams “Don’t you dare tell me how much you love virtual reference!” whether she’s at the reference desk or at a vendor-sponsored party at ALA mid-winter (host bar, of course).

I do like the fact that she’s referred to as an “action figure”, not as a doll. This is a term lovingly insisted upon by Reza, a fellow librarian who collects GI Joe doll–er, action figures. (Reza, hon–I’m sorry I outed ‘ya….)

LL Beauty Tip of the Day: This comes courtesy of a librarian who wishes to remain anonymous, though with such a fabulous BT (beauty tip), I have no idea why:

“Use 1 x 1 post-it notes for earrings. They’re light, never painful, you don’t have to take them off to answer the phone, and you can cut them into custom shapes or colors!”

What I’m Listening To:

Blue by Joni Mitchell
Sex Bomb (disco remix) by Tom Jones

What I’m Reading:

The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers for the third time, even though my husband pleaded with me not to because I get so freaked out each time that I wind up waking him up at 3:00am to check the bathroom for kas. Why they would be in my bathroom I have no idea….

–The LL