A Librarian with Action Figures

Remember I said I knew a librarian who collected GI Joe “action figures”? Well, I have visual proof: Reza, a librarian at an unnamed state university library in Sacramento, California, has been photographed with just some of his 60 (yes; that’s 6-0) GI Joe “figures”. Not only is he posing with them, he’s actually posed them in reclining positions, as indicated by the red circles. The boy’s got to get a new hobby–maybe coming out with library patron action figures, perhaps? A homeless guy sleeping at a computer terminal or the soccer mom doing her kids’ homework for them? The mind reels over the possibilities….

Tip ‘O the Day: This very sensible tip comes from Sandy Keller, a reference librarian at the University of Iowa Law Library:

Rubber cement, besides being good for displays and bulletin boards, is very handy for stopping runs in your pantyhose – probably not good if you have sensitve skin. White-out will do if you’re wearing white hose or have caught the run above the hemline.

Peace out, homies–

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  1. Action Figure Librarian
    Action Figure Librarian July 16, 2003 at 9:40 am | | Reply

    To clairfy, rather than the generic gi joe, which brings to mind horrible figures with flocked beards and hair, we’re talking action figures of high quality and detail from vendors like:
    http://www.dragon-models.com/html/figurebottom.html. As for the reclining positions–even toys get tired I suppose.

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