A Favor, Por Favor

I’ve made you laugh. I’ve made you cry. Mostly I’ve made you groan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your love by indulging me just this one time.

I’m looking for your comments about how the Lipstick Librarian web site or blog influenced you professionally or personally. Have you ever used the LL site/concept for training/recruitment purposes? Were you inspired to create your own web site, blog, or online resource because of the LL? Did you use the site to promote an event or incorporated it into your curriculum? Or, god forbid, did you become a librarian because of the site? If so, please e-mail me with your stories and I’ll share the best of them, or the worst, whichever is the most entertaining. Please include your name, contact information and instituion and/or location with your comments. And if you prefer to remain anonymous, just let me know.

To sweeten the bibliographic pot, I will randomly award a few of you folks a Lipstick Librarian! t-shirt. And if you’re really lucky, I might even send you an autographed thong….