25 Random Things About Me, or: Facebook is Ruining My Life

It’s official: Facebook is my new overlord.

After an avalanche of tags from FB friends infected with the “25 Random Things” meme, I finally succumbed and duly posted mine. I tried fending it off with the “Pointless Facts” entry, but the FB gods were not appeased, evidenced by the fact that every time I checked my e-mail account, there were at least ten tag notices for this little exercise.

So in the interest of laying this to rest, I’m posting my official random things list to the yawning content maw that is social networking.

Oh, and by the way? Consider yourself tagged.

  1. I have a series of moles that, when connected by lines, create an exact image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I hate it when people insist having a pix taken of them propping it up.
  2. I am waaay cuter than China Kantner. Or the country China.
  3. I once wore my blouse inside out and backwards throughout an entire reference shift. Due to a series of improbable events, I received a grant for this.
  4. Chickens scare me. Particularly the extra-crispy ones.
  5. I always find tiny pieces of wax paper stuck to my car door handle every time I visit Krispy Kreme. I view this as an omen.
  6. I save the adhesive-cover strips from Netflix envelopes and no you can’t have any.
  7. I am waaay cuter than Hugh Laurie.
  8. All the aliens who have abducted me say I’m their fave.
  9. The one thing that keeps me awake at night: armed zombie squirrels.
  10. The word “escrow” makes me giggle.
  11. I have a pillow made of bacon.
  12. The shelled peanut sitting on top of my computer monitor is my hero.
  13. I only read the odd-numbered pages of books. Articles are another matter entirely.
  14. I am waaay cuter than Donald Rumsfeld.
  15. I sing “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” before I answer any reference question. Needless to say, reference stats have plummeted at my library. Except on Tuesdays.
  16. I have a humongous pile of flip-flops in the trunk of my car, but only the right-foot ones. You’ll thank me for this one day.
  17. Every night in fifth grade my sister would wish for a twin sister before she fell asleep. Her wish was granted in seventh grade and now both of them won’t speak to me.
  18. I get annoyed when the lobsters at the supermarket leave post-it notes for me outside their tank. It’s hard enough to run my own errands.
  19. The chickadees in my backyard talk smack about me while I’m at work.
  20. The people at Blockbuster get mad when I tell them I only want to rent the DVD cases.
  21. I am waaay cuter than Cthulhu.
  22. Not to get too much into my medical condition, but technically I’m a 67-year old Malaysian male accountant. With two kids.
  23. I burst into tears whenever I hear the world “supersized“. I’ve been banned from every drive-up window in three states.
  24. Wearing bubblewrap while giving your cat a bath is not a good idea. They get jealous.
  25. I collect the little plastic tabs that come with store-bought bread. I do this because if, given the chance, they’d collect me.