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A New Superhero at ComicCon?

Spotted by Defamer at ComicCon:

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Caption states she’s a “real” librarian, but everyone knows a real librarian would tote back-up copies of the plush anime figure in the messenger bag, along with a fistful of freebie pens that will last for only one reference shift.… Read the rest

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

When a librarian acts as crossing guard, people get upset.

When a library assistant tells patrons to keep it down, people get arrested.

When librarians plan a panel discussion on a potentially sensitive issue, people get upset. Real upset.

But when librarians are pressed into moving a library in the most inefficient way possible, they don’t get upset. Or arrested:… Read the rest

Librarianship: A Prescient Profession

Over the past few days I’ve noticed a disturbing trend within our profession over the past year: the need to incorporate Michael Jackson tributes at professional functions. Here’s the National Library of Australia’s“Thriller” tribute, incorporating book carts:

Here’s Santa Monica Public’s entry at last year’s ALA Book Cart Drill Team competition:

How did they know? Or was it coincidence, driven by the fact that in our day-to-day lives, we who work in libraries always succumb to the opportunity to … Read the rest