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Can This Librarian Blame it on the Boogie?

Even librarians are unable to resist commemorating a pop culture icon. Well, French librarians, anyway:… Read the rest

But What Do We Do When There’s No Pole Around?

In post-millennial Hollywood, librarians are one-half of the Madonna/whore equation:… Read the rest

But Can They Make it Work in the Stacks?

What’s Tim Gunn doing with a bunch of teenagers at The New York Public Library? He didn’t make headlines on TMZ, but Tim and NYPL did help six aspiring fashion designers hone their fierceness with tips and resources for all things fashion:

Unfortunate Library-Related Headline of the Year (so far): Note to prospective editors: before printing a headline, make sure to run it through your mental what’s-wrong-with-this-headline? filter first.… Read the rest

A Profession No One Understands

So why aren’t people of color flocking to the profession? For the same reasons other folks aren’t: low pay and a general lack of knowledge about what we do. According to a white paper published by ACRL on this very topic, the biggest factor for minorities applying to library school is prior work experience in a library–in other words, direct exposure to the work. This shouldn’t be a surprise: for those of you in the bibliographic trenches, consider how many … Read the rest