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Even More Observations…

More things learned at ALA:

  • Disneyland may be the Happiest Place on Earth, but Anaheim? Not so happy.
  • Even celebrities visit Disneyland, or at least the restaurants in Downtown Disney.
  • Stephen Abram is the quantum particle of librarianship, seeming to pop up in every location I visited. By the end of the conference I was half-expecting him to walk out of a stall in the women’s restroom (sorry Stephen, but you were that ubiquitous).
  • I am very afraid of
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A Few Observations…

…from the trenches of ALA 2008

  • All the power hitters in ALA are in reality petite women with big smiles
  • What happen to the massive vendor receptions?? Get on the freakin’ stick, ferchrissakes!
  • Sadly, no amount of Mickey Mouse paraphernalia will ever disguise our true nature to the public. Or at least to other librarians.

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Addicted to Puppets

Leaving for Anaheim at 7:15 am tomorrow morning; but before I go, a question to ponder while avoiding eye contact with a lonely vendor:

What is it with librarians and puppets? They’re more to us than just story time props, they’re our spirit guides to conference attending or, better yet, a passive-agressive way of letting your staff know that you actually have a social life.

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What Are We Doing With That Book Cart?

I know: I haven’t posted in a while and got distracted from the passion quilt meme. Maybe it was the whole Hillary-evil-Barack-good thing playing out on the evening news. Or the Sichuan earthquake and its impact on the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Or the logistics of smuggling in a pitcher of cosmopolitans into a Friday evening showing of Sex and the City (sugar-frosting the rims in the dark was a bitch, btw). Whatever the reason, I promise I’ll … Read the rest