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Krumping the LCSH

Ever had that fantasy of coming up with a Library of Congress Subject Heading and having it adopted within your lifetime? Now’s your chance: Radical Reference invites you (from now to April 27th) to submit a subject heading or, if completely devoid of any ideas, select one from Sandy Berman’s proposed SH list. (Sandy; seriously–are you still using old technology to compile your list?)

Get crackin’ and suggest away!

I to the Uzzo, G to the Wazzo Dept: I’ll … Read the rest

It’s a Bargain at Any Price

Oh Shad–if this were a just world, any magazine featuring Britney shaving her head should be priced at $150 a year….

Our very own Blake Carver has created yet another librarian-related blogging adventure: Stuff Librarians Like. It’s “a scientifically accurate look at all the little things that bring small moments of joy into the otherwise monotonous and empty lives of libraries.” So when in Anaheim if you see Blake heading towards you with electrodes in one hand and a … Read the rest

Select “Other”

Yes, I support Barack Obama. I’m guessing that’s not exactly a shock to most of you out there.

It’s not because Barack is mixed-race, though I won’t deny it has tremendous appeal. Like many of you, I’m in agreement with his views, despite the fact the media has deemed I should be a Hilary fan. But there’s something else about him that appeals to me, something that, though hinted at in the endless discussions of race, hasn’t been brought … Read the rest