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Hipsta Gangsta Librarian

And just how does your average, dimly-aware-of-the-pop-culture-zeitgeist librarian use the previously blogged about music genre to her/his advantage? A few handy tips:

Nod Nod Revolution: The winner is the one who manages the most imperceptible head nodding while listening to Okkervil River. Team prize goes to the group who can exchange knowing smiles at the most obscure allusion to the Johnstown Flood.

Teach twentysometings to create acerbic t-shirts featuring quasi-cuddly characters with fang-like teeth using potato stamps and … Read the rest

Precocious is as Precocious Does

My geek-chic-lovin’ friend strode into work the other day wearing a suspiciously new concert t-shirt. Not wanting to cripple what little pop-culture cred I have with a member of the microbrew ‘n felting set, I pretended to be down with my local rep of All Things Indie: “The Decemberists, I see.” Who says I’m not the master of the noncommittal comment?

“Yeah,” he replied, “I’m a sucker for the whole lit rock thing.” Truth be told, … Read the rest

Bit ‘O Libraries

Librarian Tip: don’t become too annoyed at the guy snoring at the table next to you while you’re trying to read Nylon–he may be someone you recognize.

Vintage Video Dept: The year: 1987. The hair: Pat Benatar. The sweatin’-to-the-oldies taskmaster: Betty Glover!… Read the rest