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Deselecting Burl Ives

Be careful what you select when you’ve got a love-sick, slightly psychotic librarian managing your branch….

What I’m Listening To Dept: why, Lavender Blue, of course!… Read the rest

Does Barack Know?

It’s that time of the year: flowers, pink-tinged jewelry and badly-stamped Sweethearts®. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. And in honor, I bring you yesterday’s and today’s notes from the po-mo love undergound.

What I’m Listening To Dept: Slow Dancer by Boz Scaggs. When it comes to the McLovin’, I gotta go with a classic.… Read the rest

Repo Librarian?

This just in: Emilio Estevez as civilly disobedient reference librarian. Will we ever see the definitive film about courageous serials catalogers?

Also in: my almost-hometown newspaper contacts me for an interview, not realizing that I used to live in the almost-hometown. Hence no questions regarding my past life of schlepping Yankee Doodle Dogs for the local tourist mecca, despite my wheedling.… Read the rest

It’s Raining Guybrarians!

Just what the heck is going on in library programs these days?

First there were the post-40 gals wanting to raise money for a hospital, then a centenarian wanting to help the local (British) football team. Now we have a calendar celebrating the sensibly dressed male graduate students at the University of South Carolina School of Library and Informational Science.

Meanwhile, a rather precocious UIUC student has decided to combine his love of literacy and Michael Jackson’s Thriller into … Read the rest