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Personality Disorder, Schmersonality Disorder

Just how close are we to adding literacy as a DSM-IV disorder?

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But Did They Receive a Book Cart as a Wedding Present?

You might want to think twice about getting married in a library–at least when it comes to the photos.

Or if you’re holding a wedding in a fake library, make sure the background looks real.

(Thanks to List of the Day for the heads up.)… Read the rest

Kureru This!

From one of my favorite blogs, Hanzi Smatter: a librarian with a tattoo that’s inadvertently signaling a willingness to give more than just reference help.

Video Clip du Jour Dept: As always, Mr. Spock speaks Truth. Word.… Read the rest

A Two ‘Fer

Not satisfied with the all those web sites helping you recommend young adult books to the bored teen who insists on leaving her iPod earbuds in when asking questions? Why not give Radar Magazine a try?

Is it wrong of me to love this movie trailer so much? (Hint: The R-rated version is much funnier….)… Read the rest

Lipstick Librarian Agonistes

I started the year with a sneeze.

Several sneezes, actually. Then came the massive congestion and fatigue. Great–I’ve got the library cold. So how did I spend my first day sick? Here’s a peek….

8:30 am: Wake up with a mouth drier than Lindsay Lohan during a DUI court appearance. Realizing I’ve been snoring throughout the night, I ask my husband if it bothered him. Husband replies, using words like “unholy” and “Darth Vader”. I retaliate with loud mouth breathing … Read the rest