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Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays

Just want to wish everyone out there good tidings and a Happy New Year. If you’re jonesing for an LL fix, feel free to visit the ghost of LL Christmases past and paster.

What I’m Listening To: Christmas Island by Leon Redbone.

Finally, what you should be listening to today and tomorrow….… Read the rest

Don’t Call Me Homey

I have, in past postings, referred to our profession as the secular nunnery. Sure; we like to wear black and pray for divine intervention whenever someone asks us for a photograph of a dinosaur, but when you think about it, isn’t being a librarian like being in a gang? The similarities are uncanny:

  • Gang members use obscure hand gestures to fellow gang members, signaling their membership.
  • Librarians use obscure hand gestures to patrons, signaling they’ll be right with
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My Fifteen Minutes of Political Fame

Not sure why, but yesterday was an alignment of fame planets day (or for Repo Man aficionados out there, a plate of shrimp moment) for the LL: shout-outs in the DailyKos and Wonkette, albeit in comments.

What’s interesting is each example illustrates how Lipstick Librarianness is now shorthand for two views of women: DailyKos reflects the intelligent/hottie thingy view. Wonkette? Smart women who are not dumpy looking. Or dumpy looking no more. But what’s really depressing is that both … Read the rest