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I Am Sooo Annoyed…

Borat likes libraries and librarians–perhaps a little too much.

It’s Official Dept: According to the folks in Television Critic Land, reading is the recreation of last resort, though one of the denizens is cheeky enough to recognize the irony of it all. (P.S.–If you aren’t reading The Bastard Machine, you are missing out on one of the truly original writers about All Things Television.)

Wondering what to get the GF, BF or BFF who’s hella down … Read the rest

…You Don’t Understand

Why the librarian/mixed race analogy? The more accurate question would be: what took me so long to make the connection? After all, each demographic suffers from the same problem: stereotypes and people’s reaction when we don’t cozily fit into a psychic box.

As librarians, we moan/revel in the public’s perception of us as dowdy crones with bad wardrobes. The reason we’re obsessed? Because we bump into it every freakin’ day of our professional lives, from well-meaning parents … Read the rest